Exhibitions 2014

The Forge Gallery, High Street Worthing 

November- December 2014

3 acrylic boxes from the  ‘Fibonacci Clusters’ series.

£160 each available exclusively from The Forge.

Worthing Art Studios: 

Dec 6th-7th Open Studios

Hobjoins Barn, Upper Beeding

Nov 28- Nov 30: First showing of Fibonacci Clusters and Fibonacci Squares alongside new lino cuts

Worthing Museum & Art Gallery

1-15 November STUDIO WORK: Group Exhibition with artists from Worthing Art Studios

The Brief: to show work from the studios- illustrating the moments between thinking and making.

Consequently this is not ‘finished’ work: it is a series of macquets straight from my studio. It is a series of interpretations of the Fibonacci Series- a list of numbers 1,1,2,3,5,8,13….where each number is the sum of the 2 preceding numbers.




Arundel Museum

10-14 September  Group exhibition Steyning Arts in Arundel


Worthing Library Unsafe Structures: Drawings in Space

23 August- 6th September

I installed a nearly 20 ft long knitted tube made from aluminium wire hung against white Fabriano paper which collects the shadows as the sun moves across the the south facing window in the library.  Also an ‘Ammonite’  screen print- from an original continuous line drawing. This print comes in 4 colourways, each in a limited edition of 10 prints.

St Paul’s Art Centre, Worthing

12- 26 August ‘Duty Nobly Done’

I exhibited at St Paul’s as part of Creative Waves’ WW1 Discovery Trail with an installation of painted poppies. Each poppy represents a life lost in WW1- as recorded on the War Memorial in Chapel Road between August 4th 1914 and November 11th 1918.

The installation comprises 6 layers of drawings on Melinex- a transparent polyester film. The background is a sketch of the memorial and horizontal lines marking out a calendar. Each of the following sheets represents one year of the war hung together they form a beautiful but poignant reminder of the men lost in the war.

Using the War Memorial as inspiration determined the title of the work:  ‘Duty Nobly Done’ and the structure of the work. On the memorial there is a list in alphabetical order of the 660 men who lost their lives.  I referred to a list given to me by Tom Wye of the names with the recorded date of death and plotted this information on a series of sheets, one for each year.  The poppies are all drawn freehand with acrylic paint, I used a uniform red paint reflecting the uniforms these me wore but each poppy is original and unique and refers directly to an individual person.

Worthing Art Trail 13/14/15, 21/22, 28/29 June

Worthing Art Studios

The Forge Gallery

Worthing Churches Homeless Project: Emmanuel Church, Heene Road

Steyning Open Houses 24th May- 8th June

I exhibited at Hobjoins Barn, Hyde Street, Upper Beeding, BN44 3TG as part of the Steyning Art Trail. Opening times are 11am til 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays and Bank Holiday Monday, 24th May- 8th June.

Worthing Museum and Art Gallery: Unsafe Structures- Drawings in Space

11th Jan-25th Jan 2014.

A joint exhibition with Barry Williams.


Unsafe Structures: Drawings in Space

On the surface, knitting is ostensibly an ordinary activity associated with the domestic sphere….yet because knitting is so firmly associated within popular culture through its iconology and iconography, it is an ideal genre to exploit, manipulate and challenge’. (Turney, 2009, p80)

My structures are unsafe in that they carry the potential to be pulled undone, deconstructed, with the minimum of effort or in that they are new approaches to exploring the underlying concepts behind the work, and I feel relatively unsafe showing the work in the context of an exhibition in a gallery.

They can be read in many ways- the obvious materiality of a simple textile, the immateriality of the internet, microscopic views of organisms, examples of organic growth, repetition and seriality. Light (and by definition, shadow) is a material to be worked with along with the more haptic experiments. I see the work as standing between textiles, drawing and sculpture.

I have been influenced by a recent visit to the Kunsthalle in Hamburg where work by both Gego and Eva Hesse was shown in 2 separate exhibitions. These artists are both considered pioneers of spatial installation and both used non-traditional materials in their art.

Work exhibited:

  1. On an Even Keel: Pen and Ink drawing, continuous line, framed
  2. Drifting: White paper yarn, framed
  3. Spaces: various materials with Mylar
  4. Plane Drawings: 99 Pen and Ink drawings
  5. Book Marks: Pen and Ink and Wire in sketchbook
  6. Unfinished: Paper Yarn
  7. Untitled: series of drawings Pen and Ink on Vellum
  8. (9,9): Photocopied banner (from Plane Drawings)