Exploring the notion of ‘Studio Work’ in a gallery setting has allowed me to present work that is beyond an idea jotted down in my sketch book…..but that hasn’t yet necessarily found its way to a finished piece.


I am showing a series of macquettes in 2 and 3 dimensions all based on the idea of the Fibonacci series and it’s resonance with both spirals and nature.  The arrangement of the work follows the idea of Fibonacci growth with a series of squares measuring 1cm2, 1cm2, 2cm2, 3cm2, 5cm2  8cm2   … arranged in a classic Fibonacci spiral.


The Fibonacci series has been described by Italian artist, Mario Merz as ‘a metaphor of the human quest for order and harmony among chaos’.

The concept of growth lends itself to open ended explorations where each experiment could be extended, repeated, magnified…whilst remaining true to the underlying pattern.



Work Displayed:


‘Fibonacci Spiral’ (work in progress)


Paper, card, board, aluminium wire, copper wire, pen and ink, monofilament, .


89cm x 10cm x 144cm (height x width x length)



Individual components POA